Certified MBA (Executive Mini-MBA Certification)

Certified MBA (Executive Mini-MBA Certification Program)

Not everyone is able to commit to years of study and afford the extremely high tuition fees to achieve the formal and accredited MBA qualification, especially Executive MBA. The Certified MBA (mini-MBA Certification Program) is an online professional training program, aimed to support you with your professional career development plan and achieving your goals. It is not a degree, so how a mini-MBA will benefit you? Completing the mini-MBA means you can take the next steps in enhancing your career progression, adding the Certified MBA to your resume and LinkedIn Profile, and if you are interested, to eventually acquire an Accredited European Executive MBA through us at an affordable fee.

Certified MBA Quick Overview

  • Accredited, Flexible and Affordable Online Learning
  • Online Continuous Assessment
  • Up to 6 months to complete