From Public School Teacher to Private School Leader: William’s Journey in Vietnamese Education


William Lynch, who graduated from Reed College in 2015 with a degree in developmental economics, serves as a prime example of the transformative power that emerges when passion aligns with purpose. In search of new horizons beyond his native United States, William wholeheartedly embraced the energy and potential of the developing world, eventually choosing to settle in Vietnam and pursue a career as an educator. Motivated by his aspiration to effect positive change through education, William dedicated his twenties to teaching English in public schools, consistently following this path.

Nevertheless, William’s aspirations extended beyond the confines of the classroom. Recognizing the significance of formal qualifications within the global educational landscape, he sought to elevate his teaching practices to an international standard. This is where EIU-Paris entered the picture. Engaging in their online Bachelor’s program in education, William immersed himself in two transformative years of learning, collaborating with esteemed experts in early childhood education (ECE) from around the world. This commitment culminated in the attainment of a second Bachelor’s degree, which perfectly complemented his practical experience by focusing on the critical formative years of a child’s education. William’s unwavering dedication has yielded fruitful results, as he now thrives in one of Vietnam’s most prestigious private schools, where both students and faculty deeply value his skills and qualifications. However, William’s journey does not conclude here; he sets his sights even higher, aspiring to pursue a Master’s degree and ultimately secure the esteemed position of Principal.